Hello Permit Holders,

Are you interested in saving money, reducing stress on your commute, and building lasting relationships with fellow WSU staff, faculty, and/or students? We urge you to sign up for a now forming vanpool at Zimride! The Transportation Options team at WSU is trying to grow WSU’s vanpool program in an effort to offer an affordable alternative for commuters, reduce parking and traffic congestion on campus, and contribute to the state of Washington’s Commute Trip Reduction efforts.

Here are some of the general areas we’re hoping to generate vanpool interest: Moscow, Colfax, Lewiston/Clarkston, Palouse, Potlatch, and Colton/Uniontown.

Click on this link to sign up for a Now Forming vanpool near you. Also, in the meantime, if you’re interested in carpool, enter your commute on Zimride and try to find other drivers and riders making the same commute as you, and share the cost of your commute.

If you’re interested in learning how much you could save, go to this website to determine how much you’re currently paying on your commute. You may be paying more than you think, and vanpool can help you save thousands every year.

Most vanpools consist of staff and faculty members who work an 8am-5pm, or similar, schedule. Thus, students typically don’t fit well into a vanpool group with regimented times. However, for students whose schedules would fit this type of schedule you are welcome to look into joining a vanpool as well.


Currently operating or prospective vanpool groups looking for riders:

Currently Operating

Colfax Vanpool 1: Needs 1 rider


Asotin Vanpool 1 (serving Lewiston/Clarkston and surrounding area): Needs 3 riders to begin operating


If you are interested in one of the above Currently Operating or Prospective vans that need riders, please email me directly (contact info in signature). Please also remember to sign up on Zimride.

Please contact Transportation Services if you have questions regarding the Vanpool program. We can also put you in touch with current vanpool members if you’d like to hear testimonials on riding in a vanpool.

Thank you,


Brent D. Atkinson

TDM Coordinator

WSU Transportation Services