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Daily parking permits can be purchased and used on an as needed basis. Some daily permits are sold on a space-available basis. Daily scratch permits can be purchased ahead of time and kept on hand. 10-day select permits are also a convenient option. Daily permits can be purchased at the Transportation Services building or at the Brelsford WSU Visitor Center in downtown Pullman.

When selecting a permit to purchase, follow this link to see the Campus Parking Map.

The following link: Where May I Use My Permit, will provide you with information about how you may use your permit in other parking zones around campus.

Note: Students living on-campus in a residence hall are ONLY eligible to purchase Blue, Gray, and Crimson Permits.  The Gray and Crimson parking areas are only for Students living on-campus in a residence hall.

Daily Permit Rates:

** Sales Tax Will Be Added To These Rates **

** No Refunds on Daily or Event Permits **

Daily Permit


10 Day


Orange 10.25 102.50 205.00
Green 6.94 69.40 138.80 
Yellow 3.63 36.30 72.60
Red 1.99 19.90 39.80
Crimson  6.94 69.40 138.80
Gray 5.61 56.10 112.20
Blue 1.31 13.10 26.20
Motorcycle 0.97 9.70 19.40
Moped 0.97 9.70 19.40
 Commercial 13.88 138.80 277.60



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