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Vehicles Subject to Wheel Lock:

Any vehicle with an accumulation of three or more unpaid parking tickets is subject to placement on the wheel lock eligibility list. A fee will be assessed on vehicles which are immobilized with a wheel lock. 
Washington Administrative Code: 504-15-870

Parking Rules:

The Washington State University Parking Rules can be found online at this link, or in the Transportation Services office. It is the responsibility of all individuals parking on the campus to read and fully understand these regulations. Lack of knowledge of these regulations is not accepted as grounds for dismissal of parking tickets. 
Washington Administrative Code 504-15-030

A parking ticket is a non-criminal offense for which imprisonment may not be imposed as a sanction. 
RCW 46.63.060(2)(b)

Payment of Fines:

Online payment is available at this link. Payment may also be made by mail or in person at the Transportation Services office. Follow this link for our contact information.

Avoid a Late Fee of $30:

Thirty days after issuance of a notice of violation a late fee shall be added to all unpaid parking tickets.

Waive Policy for Visitors and Permit Holders:

Visitors are to pay or appeal the specified fines as indicated.

Exception: Visitors who receive a parking ticket for #4 "No Parking Permit" may request a Visitor-Waive  if the request is made  within 10 DAYS OF ISSUANCE. Follow this link for our contact information. This Visitor-Waive is for FIRST-TIME VIOLATIONS ONLY and cannot be extended for subsequent offenses.

Permit holders who fail to display their valid permit and receive a #4 "No Parking Permit" violation notice in a corresponding parking area may qualify for a Permit-Waive when applicable or have their fine reduced to $5.00 if presented and paid at the Transportation Services office within 10 DAYS OF ISSUANCE.

Follow this link for more information about our Ticket Waive Policy.

Appeal Procedure:

Parking tickets may be appealed in writing within 10 calendar days of issuance. Appeal tickets online at this link, or in the Transportation Services office.  Follow this link for more Ticket Appeals Information.

The parking ticket represents a determination that a parking violation has been committed and the determination is final unless appealed. 
Washington Administrative Code 504-15-860


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