Transportation Services Parking During Summer Session

General Rules

The parking regulations are enforced every day, twenty-four hours a day. During certain times special conditions exist, and the regulations are modified. However, restricted spaces remain in effect. These areas include disability, load/unload, service, reserved and specially signed areas.
During major University events, the University reserves the right to close any campus parking area at any time it is deemed necessary for events or to meet special needs. WAC 504-15-350.

Summer session includes all summer school blocks beginning on the first day of the earliest block, and ending on the last day of the last block.

Note: Summer Session Special Conditions are different than the Summer Vacation Special Conditions

Special Conditions


Gray Parking Zones: Gray parking zones are open to all valid WSU permits, except blue, motorcycle and moped permits, and university-owned apartment parking area permits.

Crimson Parking Zones (except Crimson 3): Crimson, orange, and green permits are valid in crimson zones during summer session.

Other parking zones: Permits are required in orange, green, yellow, red, blue, and university-owned apartment parking areas.

Note: Any vehicle parked on university property, other than a pay area or metered space must clearly display a current university permit for a given area during the posted hours when permits are required. WAC-504-15-510. This permit may be virtual in nature and tied to the vehicle license plate.

Daily and summer permits are available for all parking zones.

Pay parking facilities:

Smith Center Garage, Library Garage, Student Recreation Center:
Payment is required during posted times.

Parking Meters:

Payment of parking meters is required during posted times.

Summer Construction Alert:

Follow this link to find out more about the summer construction projects and how they impact campus parking and transportation.

Other Special Conditions

During summer session, semester start, university holidays, vacation periods, and finals week special parking conditions exist. Please follow this link to learn more about Special Parking Conditions.