Parking rates for the 2021/2022 academic and fiscal year which are effective July 1, 2021, can be found at the link below.  These new parking rates were intended to take effect last year, but were deferred due to the COVID pandemic.

2021/2022 Parking Rates 

The increase in rates are necessary to continue the cycle of facility maintenance projects recently delayed by COVID19-related funding shortages, but needed to ensure safety and serviceability of the facilities.    

The WSU Pullman campus parking system is comprised of four multi-level parking garages with elevators. Each garage is located below a building.  There are also 123 paved surface parking locations.  Estimated 10-year maintenance costs include $4.5M for garages, $5.5M for parking lots, and $4.1M for garage elevators.

Ten Year Deferred Capital Asset Preservation List

The new parking rates, which were deferred one year due to the COVID pandemic, were reviewed and endorsed by the 15-member University Parking and Transportation Task Force (UPTTF) and approved by the Board of Regents at their May 7, 2021 meeting and apply to the Pullman campus only.

Transportation Services is a self-supported auxiliary and does not receive federal, state, grant or tuition funding. Revenue for capital projects, maintenance, and operations comes solely from parking fees and fines. Transportation Services is tasked with financing, managing and maintaining parking facilities as well as facilitating and promoting transportation options on the WSU Pullman campus.

The main objective of the UPTTF is to have an established internal review process that provides WSU with a campus wide perspective and broad representation on parking and transportation issues.

Parking patrons are encouraged to consider alternatives to driving alone such as biking, walking, transit, carpooling, etc. For more information and personal assistance regarding alternatives, check out the Coug Commute Advisor program.