Transportation Services Heads Up Cougs


In October 2019, the Heads Up Cougs Pedestrian Safety Awareness Campaign was launched. The goal of this campaign is to bring awareness to (around) safety on campus for pedestrians and drivers. We sometimes all need a reminder to pay attention while crossing streets or driving in pedestrian heavy traffic. 24 pedestrian safety awareness pavement graphics were put down at 12 crosswalks around campus. There are different messages on these bright green pavement graphics that should bring attention to pedestrians, including “Eyes Up, Phones Down”, “See and Be Seen”, and “Look Both Ways”.

WSU Transportation Services is spreading the word about pedestrian safety awareness through tabling events, social media, and digital signage around campus to encourage and increase conversations which raise awareness of safety on Washington State University’s Pullman campus.

Take the Pedestrian Safety Awareness Pledge! Whether you are driving, riding, or walking, pledge to keep yourself and others safe.

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We are all trying to get somewhere, let’s remind each other to get there safely!