Transportation Services Vanpools

WSU Pullman employees have the opportunity to make the commute to campus safely, efficiently, and in an environmentally friendly way.


Benefits of utilizing Vanpool services at WSU Pullman:

  • Great way to save money on fuel and personal vehicle maintenance
  • Socialize with fellow colleagues and neighbors
  • Reduce traffic congestion on campus
  • Make a positive environmental contribution to the community by riding together

Current Vanpool Groups:  Currently, there are no vanpools being operated through the WSU Pullman Vanpool program.

Previous WSU Vanpool groups include:
  • Moscow
  • Colfax – Steptoe
  • Lewiston – Clarkston

Other Vanpool Options:

  • Asotin County Public Transportation Benefit Area (PTBA) Vanpools:
    General Manager and Vanpool Coordinator: Jenny George
    Phone: (509) 758-3567

  • Vanpools from Spokane:
    Spokane Transit Authority (STA) will provide assistance for arranging vanpools from Spokane for WSU faculty and staff. Current information on the status of vanpools between Spokane and Pullman can be found here at  
    STA Vanpool Program for matching and placement services.
    Phone: (509) 326-POOL (7665)

Important Resources:

Emergency Ride Home In order to promote alternatives to commuting in single-occupant vehicles, the University supports the Emergency Ride Home program. This program provides assurance of a ride in an emergency for those who use alternative commute methods. Follow this link for more information on the Emergency Ride Home policy. Commute Trip Reduction The Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Law seeks to identify and establish commute alternatives that could reduce employee single-occupant vehicle use. Reducing single-occupant vehicle use in turn will:

  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Reduce the consumption of petroleum fuel

The law was adopted by the state legislature and incorporated into the Washington Clean Air Act in 1991 as RCW 70.94.521-551. Major employers in all Washington counties with populations of over 150,000 are required to establish and implement CTR programs. ( RCW 70.94.527 ) The WSU Spokane campus coordinates a CTR program with Spokane County. The WSU Pullman, WSU Tri-Cities, and WSU Vancouver campuses are not required to establish CTR programs. However, University administrators at WSU Pullman, WSU Tri-Cities, and WSU Vancouver have decided to voluntarily participate in CTR goals. Follow this link for more information on the Commute Trip Reduction policy.


WSU Pullman Vanpool Riders and Drivers:

Vanpool saves us money. Gas and parking are easy to figure, but you also have to take into account the extra oil changes and wear and tear on the vehicle. I figure we save easily at least $2,000 per year.

Max Benson, Vanpool Rider, 2019

I can enjoy the scenery, read a book, take a nap or visit with my van mates if I am not driving, and I have met many very nice people on the van.

Grace Wheeler-Poole, Vanpool Rider and Driver, 2019