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Public Transportation and Ride Sharing: If you take public transportation, shared rides, van pools, buses, trains, ferries etc. it is recommended you wear a face covering throughout rides with others and avoid touching surfaces with your hands. Upon disembarking or leaving the vehicle wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizers with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol as the preferred form of hand hygiene as soon as possible and before removing your mask.

Pullman Transit gives over 1.4 million rides per year to our community, and as a student or employee at WSU all you need to ride Pullman Transit is your Cougar Card! Pullman Transit operates all seven days of the week during the academic year, including newly implemented Sunday Service! Funded in part by a student-initiated transit fee, Pullman Transit offers Express Routes, transit access to and from the Student Recreation Center, Martin Stadium, other on-campus destinations, as well as shopping and recreation opportunities around the Pullman community.

Benefits of Utilizing Pullman Transit

Riding Pullman Transit can benefit you by avoiding the costs of operating and parking a vehicle, as well as driving during inclement weather. Public Transit also reduces congestion on campus roadways, and improves the quality of life by helping the university community support sustainability and green initiatives.

Park and Ride Options

Commuter travel can be accommodated with Park and Ride options.  Permits are not required in Park and Ride lots during the day.  Follow this link to view WSU’s large Park and Ride – Commuter Lot.

Bus Schedules and Routes

Current bus schedules, routes and information are available on any bus, on the Pullman Transit website, and at the Transportation Services building.

Spokane Airport Shuttle

The Spokane airport shuttle has scheduled trips to and from the Spokane Airport. Call them or email for information or to make a reservation. For more information go here: Spokane Airport Shuttle.

Vacation Bus

Wheatland Express offers a bus service from Pullman to Seattle for WSU break periods. Follow this link for more information on the Vacation Bus service.

Android app download

Download the Pullman Transit App!

Pullman Transit now offers a mobile application named PTBusBeacon that allows you to track the location of a bus on your route, plan your transit trip, and set route notifications.

Download the PTBusBeacon app in the store by using the options below!

Android app download
Apple app download

or visit Pullman Transit for links to download the app. If you prefer not to download the application and would rather access the web-based, mobile-friendly version click the link below.

Pullman Bus Beacon