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Pedestrian Mall Access

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Veterans Way & College Avenue Pedestrian Mall Access

The following is a procedure for WSU students or staff who need vehicle access to the Veterans Way or College Avenue Pedestrian Mall areas for loading and unloading bulky or voluminous materials or equipment for classes and/or work. In order to access the mall, the vehicle must display a Mall Service permit. A Mall Service permit allows a maximum of fifteen-minute parking in a designated pedestrian mall. These are available to staff or students who must use a personal vehicle for university business. They can be issued on a daily basis.

Note: A valid WSU parking permit must be displayed with the Mall Service Permit.

It is the responsibility of the student or staff member to obtain a Mall Service permit from Parking and Transportation Services or the WSU Visitor Center.

How to obtain a Mall Service permit:

If you have a valid WSU parking permit: Simply go to one of the above locations and request a Mall Service permit.

If you do not have a valid WSU parking permit: Go to one of the above locations and request a Mall Service permit. You will also need to purchase a daily parking permit. Students can purchase a Blue daily parking permit whenever they need a Mall Service permit. For daily permit prices, go this link: Daily Parking Permits

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