Transportation Services Consider An Alternative:

Consider An Alternative:

Why be locked into the purchase of an annual permit when other options are available?  Let us help you consider some alternatives, and if you try one or two, we’ll hold your permit spot for you.  Annual permit holders who can verify that they gave up their annual permit in order to try an alternative will be given the opportunity or priority to re-purchase their annual permit if the alternative doesn’t work for them. Contact Transportation Services for more details.

“Pay as you go” parking:  If you choose an alternative below, and on days where you simply need to drive alone and park, daily parking permits are available on-line, at the Brelsford WSU Visitor Center, or at the Transportation Services Office.  Daily parking in some locations can be purchased right out of a machine located in the parking lot.  For very short parking trips, hourly parking is available in the Smith Center and Library garages and also at parking meters located around campus.  Consider the alternatives below before you commit to an annual permit.  No, these options aren’t for everyone, but give it consideration and see what you can save in time and money.

Vanpooling:  Vanpools are a great economical way to commute from communities outside of Pullman.  Transportation Services will be partnering with WSU Motorpool to have a bigger role in facilitating vanpools starting in 2017.  If you are interested in this option, contact us.

Carpooling:  Zimride is a rideshare matching service that is available free of charge and accessible from the Transportation Services website.  Use it to arrange a regular or occasional carpool, or even a holiday ride home.  If you have friends or colleagues with the same schedule, consider riding together and sharing the cost of commuting and parking.

Pullman Transit:  Transit is most likely the best alternative for those living within the Pullman city limits.  Just show your Cougar Card and ride for free.  If you are driving from out of town, there are a number of locations where you can park free along a bus route.

Walking and Biking:  Did you know that over 50% of the campus population walks to class or work?  And over 5% are biking as their commute choice?  Many also choose to combine walking or biking and transit.  All Pullman Transit buses are equipped with bike racks.