Transportation Services Friday Game Day Parking

General Information

  • All affected parking lots (see map) used for home football game event parking will close at 1pm.
    Permit holders that do not have a Cougar Athletic Fund (CAF) permit must have their vehicle removed from the affected parking lots by 1pm.
  • Disability Parking for Permit Holders: Disability Parking areas are not affected by the Friday Night Football game; permit holders may park in any disability space until the end of their day.
  • Stadium Way Road will be closed 3 hours prior to kick off.

Permit Holder Parking Options

  • Use a FREE Park & Ride Shuttle lot THE ENTIRE DAY. Select Park & Ride Shuttles will operate beginning at 7am. See map below for details on which Park & Ride lots begin running at 7am.
  • All Park & Ride shuttles will operate until 11:30pm.
  • Park in your permitted lot until 1pm and then please move your vehicle to a FREE Park & Ride Shuttle lot.

  • Park & Ride Lot 1 (Valley Road Playfields) will be operating on the normal Pullman Transit Crimson and Gray Express frequencies of 8-10 minutes.
  • Park & Ride Lot 3 (Terre View and Highway 270) will be facilitated by a Wheatland Express bus in the morning running at a 15 minute frequency until 4:00pm. Riders returning to this Park & Ride after 4:00pm will be able to ride a Pullman Transit bus running the same route in the afternoon.

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