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Stadium Way Road Closure

WSU officials will establish a temporary “restricted traffic zone” on a section of Stadium Way from Grimes Way north to Orchard Dr./Cougar Way during home football games 3 hours pre-game until up to two hours post-game. Vehicular access to this section of Stadium Way will be restricted to emergency vehicles, transit vehicles, stadium support vehicles and vehicles displaying disability permits for the purposes of dropping off persons with disabilities.

The restricted traffic zone is being established for the following reasons:

Stadium Way Closed Ahead
  • Improve pedestrian safety and access for large volumes of game patrons crossing Stadium Way to and from Gesa Field.
  • Consolidate the flow of exit traffic from campus side streets and parking areas into more manageable and predictable patterns.
  • Increase the availability and visibility of transit as an option for getting to and from the game.
  • Create an opportunity to improve perimeter control and security of Gesa Field.


Important Travel Routes

Suggested Travel Routes for Entering and Exiting Pullman

  • Travel to/from Spokane and areas north:
    • Via Highway 27 (Grand Ave. in Pullman)
    • Dry Creek Rd & Trestle Creek Rd both connect Hwy 27 (Grand Ave.) to Hwy 195 north of Pullman & Colfax
    • Entering/Exiting Pullman on Hwy 27 will avoid backups on Davis Way (Hwy 270) and on Hwy. 195 between Pullman and Colfax
  • Travel to/from Spokane and areas north, Seattle, and Lewiston and areas south:
    • Via Bishop Blvd. and Hwy. 195 & Hwy 27 (Grand Ave)
    • Utilizing Bishop Blvd. will bypass backups in downtown Pullman and on Davis Way
  • Travel to Spokane and areas north, Seattle, and Lewiston and areas south:
    • Via Main St. & Old Wawawai Rd.; Travel west on Main St., continue on Main St. past Grand Ave., turn left on Old Wawawai Rd to Hwy. 195
    • Utilizing Old Wawawai Rd. will bypass backups on Grand Ave. and Davis Way
  • Other Suggestions for Exiting Pullman
    The following are travel altenatives to reduce the congestion exiting Pullman via the traditional route on SR 195 to Colfax.