Transportation Services Region6 RV Parking for Home Football Games

RV Parking Region 6: Spring Street Lot

New Changes / Important Reminders:

  • All RV parking is pre-sold online.  You must purchase and print your RV permit BEFORE you come to campus.  There are no refunds or exchanges on RV permits.
  • Your Tow/Extra Vehicle permit is included in the price of the RV permit.  Note: Only one Tow/Extra Vehicle permit is allowed per RV permit.
  • The only vehicles allowed into the RV Regions are vehicles with RV or Tow/Extra Vehicle permits. Visitors to the RV Regions are not allowed vehicle access at any time.
  • Check in time for RV parking is after 6pm Thursday (subject to change, depending on safety and lot availability).
  • This lot is a “Shared-Use” lot with WSU students, faculty, and staff until Friday night.  RVs may enter Thursday after 6pm and then again on Friday after 6pm.All efforts should be made to allow parking permit holders access to all available parking on Friday, including potential additional space within the confines of your marked space.
  • RV Parking is at your own risk.   During extreme weather conditions, this lot may not be available for use, i.e. snow, excessive mud/rain, etc.
  • RVs must park within a designated, marked RV space. The on-site supervisor will make the final determination of how RVs are allowed to park.

How to Purchase for Region 6 Spring Street Lot:

Spring Street Lot RV Parking Rules:

  • RVs are welcome to check into their respective RV lots NO SOONER THAN 6pm on the Thursday prior to the game. Any RVs in the lot prior to 6pm on Thursday will be required to move and may be cited for lack of compliance.
  • Please observe the Region 6 RV Map and Length Restrictions.  Important: The length measurement is from “Hitch to Spare”.
  • TOW AND EXTRA VEHICLES: RVs are allowed one Tow Vehicle OR one Extra Vehicle (see definitions), and the vehicle must arrive with the RV to be allowed into the RV parking areas. Tow/Extra Vehicles must park:
    • Within the marked RV space.
    • In a designated Tow/Extra Vehicle area.
    • In an approved area within the RV region that the RV supervisor approves.
  • Parking across numerous RV spaces is not allowed. RVs must pull into or back into all spaces and stay within the painted lines of the RV space.
  • Awnings may be utilized at no additional charge as long as it is within the RV space. No other parking spots may be used for tents, build outs or cooking areas.
  • RVs must be self-contained. No hook ups or dumping stations are available in these lots.
  • Visitor parking is not provided in the RV parking areas.  On Game Day, Visitors to the RV parking areas may park in their designated Cougar Athletic Fund parking lots if they have a permit, or in the General Parking lots.  Follow this link for more Visitor Parking Information.
  • Quiet hours in this lot occur between 10pm and 7am.  City of Pullman ordinance, 8.80.020.
  • Alcohol consumption or open container in public prohibited.  City of Pullman ordinance, 5.55.010.
  • Cougar Security Patrol will provide security in this lot for each home game.
  • Permits are required AT ALL TIMES. Spaces are on a first-come, first-served basis within the respective pre-purchased zone.

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