Transportation Services Impact of the Proposal

Impact of the Proposal

This proposal represents a significant change, and will have a cost impact on permit holders who wish to remain in their current parking zone.  Keep in mind, however, that one of the features of the zone system is to provide an array of permit choices and prices.  Permit holders have the option to  choose a lesser priced permit that could meet their needs.  Or, perhaps you are ready to consider an alternative described in the section, “Consider An Alternative”.

If your current zone is changing, and you choose to continue parking in that location, see below for the impact in your parking rate:

Annual Permit Cost Impact If Choosing to Remain in Current Parking Area
Permit Zone From Rate To Rate Annual Impact Monthly Impact
Yellow to Green $298 $486 $188 $15.67
Red to Yellow $231 $298 $67 $5.58
Blue to Red $125 $231 $106 $8.83
Gray to Crimson $231 $331 $100 $8.33