Transportation Services Departmental Permits

Parking Permits Available to WSU Departments

There may be times when it becomes necessary to use a personal vehicle for University business such as attending meetings, training, working on department equipment, running errands for the department, etc. The options described below can help you during these times. Traveling to and from work is NOT considered to be a university business-related event.

Please Note: The proper stewardship of state resources, including funds, facilities, tools, property, and employees and their time, is a responsibility that all state officers and employees share. Accordingly, state employees may not use state resources for personal benefit or gain or for the benefit or gain of other individuals or outside organizations. Personal benefit or gain may include a use solely for personal convenience, or a use to avoid personal expense. Washington Administrative Code 292-110-010

Departmental Permits

Departmental Permits do not need to be displayed with a WSU parking permit

Departmental permits offer a great deal of parking flexibility, and are convenient and easy to use, and must be purchased with a department IRI or purchase order. Pre-purchase these permits to have on hand in the office or in your car to use when you need them!

Departmental permits are valid in the following areas:

  • Any parking meter space (Meter max times do not apply to Departmental Permits.)
  • Any Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Crimson, or Gray parking zone space (except “Reserved”)
  • Smith Center Garage
  • Library Garage
  • Daggy Garage
  • Fine Arts Garage
  • Service and Mall Service areas
  • Student Recreation Center parking lot

Varieties Of Departmental Permits

In-Car Parking Meter:
The In-Car Meter is about the size of a cell phone and looks like a digital clock. When you activate the In-Car Meter and place it on your driver-side dash, your vehicle is valid in all the areas above. The pre-stored bank of time ticks down as you use the In-Car Meter.

If you need more time, simply bring the In-Car Meter into our office to load more time. The cost for the In-Car Meter is $25.00 for the deposit (refundable upon return) and $2.00 per hour of time purchased. Store as many hours as you want to fit your needs.

Departmental One-Hour Permits:
These one-hour permits are convenient to have for University business that lasts an hour or less. Simply fill in the date and starting time and display on your vehicle. Park in a meter, service area, garage, or any other area described above. The cost for a one hour permit is $2.00 each.

Departmental Two-Hour Permits:
Same as the one-hour permit above but this permit is valid for up to two hours. The cost for this permit is $4.00 each.

Other Permits Options

Annual Parking Permits:
Annual parking permits can be purchased for the WSU zone parking system and can allow some parking flexibility depending on your needs. For example, if you work in Carpenter Hall, and need to attend meetings at French Administration, you can purchase an Orange 2 permit. This permit allows you to park in Orange 2 (Daggy Garage) and any Green (including Green 1 and Green 2), Yellow, Red, or Blue zone. Annual permits are sold on a space-available basis. To find out where other zone parking permits are valid, click here: Where may I Use my Permit.

Daily Parking Permits:
Daily parking permits can be purchased on an as needed basis for those times when you have a need to park for meetings, training, etc. and do not want to purchase an annual permit for the entire year. For example, if you have a Blue permit, but you need to park near Lighty Student Services for training, you can purchase a Green 1 permit for the day. Follow this link for daily permit rates.

Service and Mall Service Permits:
Service and Mall Service permits can be issued to those individuals who need 15-minute access to these areas. There is no charge for these permits; however they do need to be displayed with a valid WSU parking permit. There are 2 types of Service and Mall Service permits:
Shared/Hanging Service or Mall Service Permits:
These permits are issued to departments and are designed to be used and shared by several people in the department. Typically these permits are checked out from someone in the department that has the responsibility of securing the permits. These permits are valid for a maximum of 15 minutes.