August 19, 2020

Pullman, WA – Washington State University Pullman Transportation Services has announced that a new parking app has officially launched on campus, making remote parking payment even more convenient for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

The app, called AMP (Aims Mobile Pay), is a mobile payment solution providing ultimate convenience to motorists. App users may pay for parking with their iPhone or Android devices. They can then receive a reminder when their parking is about to expire and may add more time if needed, all without having to walk to their vehicle.

To download the app, simply search “AMP Park” in Google Play or in the Apple store. Once downloaded, a quick registration process walks the user through setting up their profile, vehicle information, and payment. When ready to park, users simply indicate their parking zone, choose a duration and confirm payment.

Similar to the University’s annual and daily parking permits, there is no need to display a physical permit on your vehicle since the system uses license plate recognition to read the vehicle license plate as the permit.

Account information such as license plate additions, payment detail modifications, and changes to notification settings can be managed directly on the app or on the AMP website.

As the majority WSU students, faculty, staff, and visitors, will not be coming to campus on a regular basis due to COVID-19, buying an annual parking permit may not be the most economical option. The AMP app will make it easy for those who need to come to campus periodically to park for a couple of hours or even the day.  

The AMP app is currently available in sixteen parking locations throughout the WSU Pullman campus, including select parking lots, metered spaces and parking garages. WSU Transportation Services may add additional mobile pay parking locations in the future.

Download AMP now or check out the AMP website to see all available locations!